London Riots – The Aftermath

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Not my normal security-related subject matter, but I had to pull together some highlights (wrong word?) of the appalling events in London over the past few days.The sequence below, taken from Twitter and Flickr and assembled in Storify (, show clearly that the vast majority of people in the UK are sickened by the mindless violence and sheer greed of the criminals who did this. The story also shows (to me at least) that when it comes down to it, the people of the UK, and particularly Londoners, will always rise above attempts to terrorise them and just get on with sorting things out.

Something we can all do to help.  Publish the banner on your website or your blog or retweet the post.  Let people know, so they can turn out to help with getting things back to normal.

For me, this picture sums up the violence of the whole thing.  This morning’s television news showed footage of a 150 year old family run furniture store ablaze.  Why?  What did that achieve?

But, as bad as things get, people act with kindness and show their appreciation to the police..

And then this morning, I can only echo Professor Brian Cox on Twitter (above).  it really does restore your faith in human nature.

People turned out in droves, responding to a spontaneous campaign to clean up the devastation left by the rioters.

#riotcleanup pictures on PicFog

riotcleanup pictures

Check out this site for more pictures of the clean up operation around London.

Now something else we can all do to help.  Look at the pictures from the Met Police.  If you know any of these clowns, tell the police.  They need to be stopped before someone gets seriously hurt.


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