Five Things To Do With A PC When You Have No Internet Connection (via Speaking Freely)

August 16, 2010 at 11:00 pm | Posted in Home Office, Systems Management | 3 Comments

A while back I wrote about the frustration of losing broadband at a critical time (is there ever a good time for it to happen?). So, I was intrigued come across this post on the “Speaking Freely” blog by Digital Ghost.  It’s from February 2007, but you can catch more recent posts here.

We all know that we need to keep on top of the housekeeping on our PC, particularly if we use it for business as well as home use. The truth is, we don’t bother until something goes wrong.

Take a look at 5 (well, 6 actually, but you can read them for yourself) eminently sensible things to do while you’re waiting for your broadband provider to come to your rescue.

I had no connectivity at all yesterday but since it was Monday, I wanted to remain productive. 1. Clean out and categorize your bookmarks. I don’t know about you, but I tend to just click ‘bookmark this page’ and call it good. Yesterday, when I hit the little ‘down arrow’ on Firefox to let the bookmark list scroll down I counted. Not sites, but seconds. 11 seconds worth of scrolling bookmarks is way too many. If you haven’t visited a site in a mo … Read More

via Speaking Freely


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  1. I disagree strongly with “If you haven’t visited a site in a month it’s not important”.

    If I’ve been there in the last month chances are I don’t need a bookmark. If, however, it’s something that I need to refer to occasionally but don’t want to have to find again (like say the MS Porduct Lifecycle page, various KB articles that took ages to find the first time round or the catalogue of FIPS 140-2 certified products), a bookmark or local copy is ideal.

    Of course I would have added “Read a book” and “Talk to the cat” to the list 🙂

  2. Hi Nik,

    Yes, I agree. I also use the “Favourites” as a way of remembering things that I came across and which might come in handy one day. However, I guess it doesn’t hurt to go back over them from time to time and see if they still deserve to stay.

    • Oh definitely; regular weeding is essential. I just object to the whole “if you haven’t used it in X months it’s worthless” mentality.

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